About me

I am Matthias Goerner (or "Görner" in native German spelling).

I love math, programming, animation, Tango, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

I studied math and computer science at Jacobs University and UC Berkeley and was really fascinated by hyperbolic geometry. I gave a talk for general audiences explaining my research as an informal thesis defense (there is no defense at the Berkeley math department).

Since June 2012, I am working as a software engineer at Pixar animation studio. I am currently developing new features for Pixar's in-House animation software that will be used in the next Andrew Stanton film "Finding Dory". I am happy to be surrounded by so many smart engineers and talented artists.

I occasionally still do math research with Christian Zickert and am still developing and maintaing the ptolemy module that allows one to study PGL(N,C)-representations of 3-manifolds. There is video of the talk I gave about it at the "Topology, Geometry and Group Theory, Informed by Experiment" conference at ICERM, Brown University in October 2013.

News (2014/10/05): I will give another talk about the ptolemy module in June 2015 at "Representations of 3-manifold groups, geometric structures and exact computations" conference at Jussieu in Paris in June 2015.

News (2015/02/12): New Inside Out trailer is out: teaser trailer, first trailer, second trailer.


Email: enischte at gmail dot com

Matthias Goerner
(Photography: Siyu Wu)